Composite Manhole Covers Utilizing Bayer Material Science Polyurethane Offer multiple Benefits Over Cast-Iron Cover

manhole cover

When it comes to the issue of infrastructure management, the old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies. It might be sad, but it’s true. Making matters worse, that saying has held everything in good stead up until now. The trouble is, however, that not until recently was there a product available that was better suited for the job of the common manhole cover than cast iron. Fortunately, if you listen to the experts, one of the most promising of these new materials is a composite that not only promises to outperform cast iron, but it takes a lot of the old thinking about how manhole covers are made and used and throws it into the dustbin of history.

A Muskegon, Michigan firm called GMI Composites Inc. has taken polyurethane XXX materials from Bayer MaterialXXXScience LLC, to create a manhole cover that is not only lighter than traditional manhole covers, but they also meet the rigorous standards for strength and durability that the market requires. Further, they are slip and corrosion resistant, which means that they pose less of a danger to pedestrians and others than cast iron.


But it’s hard to create a product that takes something that used to weigh 150 pounds and replace it with a 25-pound substitute, and not get excited about it. That, in and of itself, has a lot of people talking, but when you add into it the fact that the product has so many other benefits as well, it’s nothing short of a revolution.

The truth is that Bayer MaterialXXXScience LLC worked closely with GMI Composites Inc throughout the development and production process to ensure that their product met the rigorous standards demanded by the company. As a result, Bayer was able to meet and even exceed the standards demanded by GMI in the production of the new manhole cover product.

Many products were tested as part of the manhole cover project in an effort to come up with the most ideal material for the end product. Fortunately, it was eventually determined that the Bayer composite material was the best choice in terms of overall performance, but most specifically durability and high strength. GMI is also firm in its confidence in Bayer and the company’s ability to stand behind its product and work with GMI throughout the testing and development process.

The new composite covers are fully customizable and are being made available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These include round, square, and rectangular, and ranging in size from 12 to 50 inches. The load bearing weight of the composite covers exceeds the recommended 100,000 pounds. Customization also can include the ability to include logos and other lettering on the covers.

The burgeoning smart market grid is also being satisfied by using the composite material since it allows automated signals and wireless XXX communications to pass freely through the materials. This makes the new manhole covers idea for electrical transmission, sanitary waste water and storm water monitoring and water metering.

Unlike cast-iron covers of the past, GMI’s composite covers have no scrap value, which eliminates the problem of theft that is so often associated with former materials, eliminating the costs associated with the repair and replacement of the covers.

10 Great Hens Parties Ideas in Phuket

10 Great Hens Parties Ideas in Phuket

Phuket is the best destination to plan your Hens party. It is completely different from regular bachelorette party as you and your girls will never forget this amazing experience in your lifetime. Lots of luxury and coolest clubs are available in Phuket for your selections. Further, there are wonderful villas and yachts for enhancing your excitements and delights in high range. Countless extras will take your party to next level. Most of the bachelors are fascinated to involve in Hens Parties Phuket as because of its astonishing attractions. Every villa is comprised with a private pool that helps you to have great time with your friends. Further, you can acquire different varieties of BBQ styled food all through the evening. It is also possible to get your favorite spirits and wines as per your requests. You can book a transport for moving on to nearby clubs and enjoy the bottle services at minimum expenses. Night parties are highly preferred by the enthusiasts as because of its awesome delights.

Pipe Bursting – Why Contractors Select Tric Tools

Pipe Bursting

Thanks to all of the advantages associated with trenchless technology methods, including pipe bursting, pipe lining, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and microtunneling, the industry is rapidly growing all over the world. For contractors, this means investing in new tools. When purchasing equipment, many contactors select TRIC Tools. Here’s a quick look at why TRIC Tools are preferred by so many in the industry.

Pipe Bursting


In the late 1990s, Ward Carpenter, a construction foreman, along with his father, Robert (Bob) Carter, an engineer, set out to find an effective method for repairing or replacing home sewer lines without digging. In time, Ward hadcreated and tested a prototype that would later become the TRIC lateral pipe bursting system, while Bob focused on the manufacturing process. By 1997, TRIC was applying for patents in the United States and abroad, which solidified their standing as the gold standard in terms of trenchless technology equipment. Today, they hold device and methods patients in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand. Applications are pending in Japan and Norway.


From pulling units to hydraulic pumps, bursting heads, fusion equipment, and even accessories, they have everything available in one spot that you will need to get the job done right.


Since day one, TRIC has been committed to using only the best materials available to manufacture their tools. They have also focused on making certain all tools are both easy to use and extremely efficient.


To ensure that tools are being used properly and to their best ability, TRIC sends a consultant to out to your home or business to show you how to use the equipment. Of course, the consultation is based on your busy schedule.


The company will work directly with you or with your bank when you are making your purchase. It’s entirely up to you.


TRIC tools are created with as compact a design as possible to ensure they are adaptable and easy to move.


Whether you are working with a 1” sewer line or a 6” sewer line, TRIC has an expanding head that matches it.


By eliminating the time consuming act of digging, you can make the necessary repairs quickly and effectively, which allows you to move on to the next project faster. As an added bonus, homeowners will appreciate the fact that you are not digging up their yard, which is also beneficial to the environment.


The guys at TRIC Tools are constantly looking for innovative ways to make existing tools better, while also developing new equipment.

With more and more homeowners opting for trenchless repairs and replacements, today’s contractor simply cannot afford to not invest in the right tools and equipment. That’s why so many are turning to TRIC Tools.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair


Ask anyone who has ever had his lawn torn up so that his sewer lines can be repaired or replaced and he will tell you that it is an absolute nightmare. In addition to the damage done on your lawn, the replacement takes time, and it is annoying to have the noise from heavy machinery near your home for extended periods. The nightmare continues once you receive the bill, which will result in the formation of a rather large dent in your bank account. Below are a few points through which I have tried to provide an answer to the question; is trenchless pipeline repairing the ultimate sewer line solution?

Let us start with the advantages that the method has over the traditional method of digging a trench:Trenchless Sewer Repair

1. It is cleaner

Sewer lines run right beneath our beautiful and sometimes, costly lawns. Digging up the damaged pipes destroys these lawns. In addition to this, the soil from the trench is exposed to the wind, which can carry it and deposit it on other parts of your ground where it is not needed. The situation can be made worse by the rise of a storm.

2. It is quicker

Since the need to dig a trench is eliminated, the need to fill it up is also ruled out. A lot less time has spent the replacement of the line. Therefore, you can have your toilets and any other system associated with the drainage running in a shorter time.

3. The method is less expensive

Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement does not include the cost of labor for digging a trench. It also does not carry any costs of replacing your lawn or repairing the pavement. Overall, it is much cheaper than the traditional method of digging a trench.

4. It involves the use of high-quality materials

It is most likely that the pipe you want to be repaired or replaced was made from cement, clay or some other material available at the time. These materials are not as strong as the materials being used in the modern world. The pipes installed through trenchless method are most likely made from polyethylene and have no seams. These pipes also have a longer lifespan.

5. Better function

In addition to an extended life cycle, the replacement used needs fewer repairs. The technology used in the making of the pipe ensures increased efficiency. The pipe offers less resistance to the water flowing through it thus enhances its performance.

6. It is less of a health hazard

Since trenchless methods of repairing pipes do not involve the bringing of an old pipe full of bacteria to the surface, they are safer health wise. The bacteria that reside in the pipe are left beneath the ground together with fragmented pieces of the old pipe.

7. It is more environmentally friendly

Minimum damage is done to the plant life that exists above the sewer pipe if a trenchless method is employed. Mother Nature, therefore, suffers much less interference. Besides, the damage done by cutting down one tree is too much. By using trenchless methods, you are aiding in saving the planet.

Disadvantages of the trenchless methods

I do not want to be the kind of a person that only tells one side of the story. Here are a few disadvantages of the trenchless method of repairing a sewer pipe:

• There are instances where it cannot be used

If the pipe in need of replacing or repair is too damaged, then the trenchless methods cannot be used. The method is largely based on the new pipe being guided by the old pipe before it is destroyed. Therefore, if the old pipe is destroyed, the new pipe will not have anything to guide it.

• It requires a lot of attention

If someone who is not very careful does the method, it could result in some major issues. You would be forced to call the company again or seek the services of a different company. Such issues could be because of the lining used not being given enough time to cure or the pipe being installed blocking another pipe and a variety of other reasons.

I have provided you with the information about trenchless sewer line repairs. It is now up to you to answer the question; is trenchless pipeline repairing the ultimate sewer line solution?

Trenchless Technology for Residential and Commercial Repair


imagesWhether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there is much care and maintenance involved in protecting your investment. Major repairs are not something that anyone enjoys, but they do happen from time to time. One such major repair is that of sewer or water pipes.
There can be several reasons to need service on your sewer pipes – a broken pipe, a blockage in the pipe, corrosion or leaking at the joints or seals. A professional will need to evaluate whether or not a replacement is required, but if so, Trenchless Technology may be available to you to save time, money and major disruption of your property.
With regular sewer pipe repair, a large trench is dug in your yard or commercial property and the pipes are repaired or replaced within that trench. By using Trenchless Technology, only one or two small holes are needed as entry points to the pipes. Then one of two methods of repair/replacement are used.
The first method involves the use of a liner, a flexible tube coated with resin that is blown into or pulled through the existing pipe. It is inflated and the resin then hardens, creating a new pipe. This decreases the size of the pipe only marginally, but does not affect overall flow. The new pipe that is created is now jointless and seamless, which makes for a longer lasting system without the worry of leaking or cracking joints.
Another method, called pipe-bursting, can also be used, particularly if there is quite of bit of damage to the original pipe. With this method, a new pipe is pulled through the old one, cracking it and pushing it outward. Both methods are highly effective and durable; the difference in choosing one over the other

would depend on your individual situation.

The cost for using the Trenchless method can be approximately 30 – 50 percent more than the traditional method, but because there is no trench to be dug, it can actually end up costing less. You will not have to pay for a team of workers and equipment to dig up your yard or dig up your commercial property. Likewise, you will not have to pay for them to put everything back in place when it is finished.
Trenchless also saves a tremendous amount of time and hassle when used at your home or business. Creating only one or two small holes, as opposed to a large trench, takes far less time, which means the faster your sewer system will be up and running again. And you don’t have to deal with the major disruption of your yard and/or driveway being torn up and unusable. This applies to a business property as well, and depending on the kind of business you have, this could translate to savings and much less inconvenience for your customers.
If there is a problem with your sewer pipes, a professional plumber will need to evaluate the situation to determine if Trenchless repair would be an option for you. In some cases, traditional repair is still the best way to go. It will depend on the kind of damage to the pipe, age and condition of the pipe, depth of the lines and other factors. If Trenchless is an option, however, you may be able to save large amounts of time and money, which is a huge benefit for homeowner and business owner alike.

How to Connect Your Android Device to a VPN With VyprVPN

Android Device to a VPN With VyprVPN

We all love to use our smartphones to use the internet on the go, while sitting and waiting for food in the restaurant, in the shopping malls, at the airport etc. we are used to of killing our boredom by using the huge network of open public Wi-Fi on our Android phones or devices, but have you ever considered the hazards of using a less protected Wi-Fi without any additional cyber security software? If the answer is ‘No’ then I must say you should start using one to secure you Android device and your private and confidential data that is of course valuable for you and you can’t imagine losing that even in your wildest dreams, but don’t worry I will let you know the simplest and a budget-friendly method to enhance your Android’s online security and that is a secure Android VPN service.

Telstra’s Reputation in Question After 4th Network Operations Failure in 2 Months

Network Operations Failure

On March 22, the Australian telecom giant Telstra went through yet another network outrage, making it the fourth one in the past two months. What’s even more concerning that each of the issues were caused by four different reasons, putting the network infrastructure of Telstra in question. The latest issue was caused by a card failure in one of its media gateway and network operations were down for hours. Users mostly in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania, were not able to make or receive calls in their mobile phone for the duration. Though Telstra apologized to the users over social media, the recent scenarios may have put a dent in their reputation. Even after claiming in social media at 1pm that the issue has been fixed, users still reported problems up until 5pm. Telstra claimed that only 3% of their customers were affected but given the reactions and responses everywhere, it was probably much more

Network Analytics to Rescue Network Auditing

Network Analytics

The threat of cyber crimes and security breaches are very real today for businesses of any size. Whether it is a small company or a large multinational one, an attack or hack into the network system can be disastrous to deal with. Organized cyber crime has spread all over the world and they are capable of targeting even government and defence institutions, with constant finding new techniques and loopholes. Consider all this, having an IT manager or even an IT management team is a good option to consider for businesses. Hackers and attackers are growing more and more skilled day by day and have reached a pooint where simple password protections aren’t enough. Even a minor breach or attack can set back business operations for days and impact productivity.

Edgecore Networks introduces Open Networking for network managed services

Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks recently announced their plan to bring open networking benefits to enterprises and network managed service providers. The leader in open networking is currently contributing with Open Compute Project (OCP) in bringing the industry’s first open WiFi access points and open access switches to life. The latest 100G open network modular switch is the best one out there till date and with it, Edgecore aims to take open networking to the next level.

Dropbox Drops Amazon’s Cloud Networks for Own Technology

Dropbox Drops

Half a billion people store photos videos and other files on Dropbox but until recently those were sitting in someone else’s cloud, Amazon’s to be exact. But Dropbox now has its own super storage service and has taken back 500 PB of data from Amazon. Though many thought the relationship between the two would last forever, Dropbox took everyone by surprise with their recent announcement, specially Amazon. Until now it was unthinkable for a cloud based storage startup to operate without the Amazon Web Service, but Dropbox decided it was time they moved away from the giant and become more self reliant as they took back 90% of their data back.