December 19, 2018
  • Information is Everything

Aruba Takes Network Optimization to a Whole New Level

Aruba recently announced a new portfolio of integrated networking software and hardware aimed to fulfill digital workplace requirements for businesses. The new set of solutions are meant to improve workplace productivity and meet the growing need for connectivity of the Internet of Things. The portfolio is set to be able to predict and solve connectivity issues, secure policies and create an overall optimized network.

Network Optimization

Businesses till now have used traditional legacy network models which are rigid and backdated. Static desktop and internal server days are gone and has been replaced by the demand and need of device and cloud connectivity. Thus, businesses must reconsider and reinvent their network system with better options more suited to their needs. Employees today follow non-routine schedules and collaboration, which requires plans that are employee-centric and efficient. Aruba’s new set of networking solutions and software-powered approach advance its offering beyond fixed, hardware-focused networking solutions. The new, integrated wired and wireless portfolio, combined with innovations in network management and security, allow IT organizations to design and augment their networks for the digital workplace. With their three new products, they hope to take network optimization on a new level for businesses.

First let’s talk about the Aruba Clarity, a new software module for Aruba AirWave Network Management. It is equipped with powerful analytics and insight tools that can predict potential network issues and provide optimized solutions for the IT team, rather than troubleshooting after something went wrong. Aruba Clarity measures and monitors a wide range of metrics and factors such as the time it takes for a mobile device to associate with a Wi-Fi radio, authenticate to a RADIUS server, obtain an IP address through DHCP, and resolve names for DNS services. With improved visualization, Aruba Clarity can provide time lapse of Wi-Fi coverage for up to 24 hours. The goal is to empower the network operations teams with information and data on-demand, so that they can take every step needed to ensure network optimization.

Next up is the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager 6.6, aimed to meet the IoT challenges of the digital workplace. With the increase of cloud integration with devices and the growing BYOD environments, securing networks is becoming more and more challenging. Aruba ClearPass enables enterprises to create adaptable policies with custom device profiling, complex authentication and deep insights. It also effortlessly integrates with third party firewalls, making sure that your device, network and apps are protected with ironclad defence in real-time.

Lastly, theres Aruba’s new multi-gigabit 330 series Wave 2 access points for an enhanced bandwidth experience in mind. Using the HPE Smart Rate technology, it is built to provide the highest quality and lowest latency for programs such as Skype and Wi-Fi calling. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy to ensure power efficient and indoor scaling, Another new switch series, the 3810, also provides multi-gigabit connectivity up to data rate transfer speeds of 10 Gbps, going far beyond the traditional limit of 1 Gbps.

Aruba is aiming to be the frontier of network innovation and help business setup wireless networks according to need. Business are now looking for more than just connectivity and protection, and Aruba’s range of products are certainly showing promises to deliver. With this new portfolio, they can definitely allow businesses and people to go beyond traditional practice and adjust to the growing flexibility and freedom.