December 19, 2018
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Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks introduces Open Networking for network managed services

Edgecore Networks recently announced their plan to bring open networking benefits to enterprises and network managed service providers. The leader in open networking is currently contributing with Open Compute Project (OCP) in bringing the industry’s first open WiFi access points and open access switches to life. The latest 100G open network modular switch is the …

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Dropbox Drops

Dropbox Drops Amazon’s Cloud Networks for Own Technology

Half a billion people store photos videos and other files on Dropbox but until recently those were sitting in someone else’s cloud, Amazon’s to be exact. But Dropbox now has its own super storage service and has taken back 500 PB of data from Amazon. Though many thought the relationship between the two would last …

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Grid Connection

Consumers Pay More than They Should for Grid Connection – Lack of Network Benchmarking

Recent analysis from energy and consumer experts show that network operators in Australia are being allowed by regulators to take twice as much money as they should for grid connections. The price for the transmission of electricity across networks makes up almost half of household electricity bill. Public owned monopolies are being used by the …

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Internal Network

Cisco to Take Building’s Internal Network to Next Level with Network Convergence

Cisco recently released news of their plan to prepare for IoT networks by integrating internal networks into building constructions. The recently appointed head of IoT Solutions wants to break the chaos of multiple networks and work towards building an integrated network convergence for all devices and systems. Currently, in any enterprise building complex, there are …

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Digital Network Architecture

Cisco Announces Digital Network Architecture Platform for Faster Digital Transformation

On their recent Partner Summit 2016, Cisco announced their new software-driven framework, Digital Network Architecture (DNA), as an initiative towards accelerating digital transformation for consumers. The network architecture is made to make IT innovation and integration simplified till date. Digitization is opening opportunities for every business and can potentially be a $2.1 trillion in global …

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Network Optimization

Aruba Takes Network Optimization to a Whole New Level

Aruba recently announced a new portfolio of integrated networking software and hardware aimed to fulfill digital workplace requirements for businesses. The new set of solutions are meant to improve workplace productivity and meet the growing need for connectivity of the Internet of Things. The portfolio is set to be able to predict and solve connectivity …

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5G Network

5G Network Planning for Future Mobile Demand

For the first time ever, worldwide mobile subscription has exceeded the total human population of 7.3 billion in the last quarter of 2015. Though this includes duplicate users, it is still an astonishing feat. In addition to this, the number of LTE subscription also reached 1 billion for the first time. Humankind has indeed entered …

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