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How CIPP Technology Can Help Your Sewer Problems Without Digging

  • September 7, 2016

Homeowners often heave a sigh of frustration when they’re told that there’s a problem with their sewer lines or plumbing. There’s really no getting around it than to face it directly and have it repaired or replaced; what keeps the repair from being carried out are the exorbitant costs and the huge timesink it can cause. The delay from the time the issue happens to when a professional is called in can transform a seemingly small sewer problem into a full-blown property issue.

Before you start hesitating to call an expert plumber to solve the issue, know that there’s a trenchless repair method you can choose over the traditional sewer and drain line replacement methods.The answer is CIPP, and this revolutionary trenchless sewer repair process allows the plumber to fix your plumbing and sewer line issues without digging up half your yard. The good news is that the Cured In Place Pipe technology, or CIPP is available to all industrial, commercial and residential owners! Here’s how CIPP technology can help your sewer problems without digging:

CIPP is Super Convenient

What method could be more convenient than CIPP, which does away with heavy digging and wanton destruction of your yard or front lawn? You won’t have the headache of hiring a contractor to excavate your precious landscape, nor the headache that comes with heavy machinery and equipment running all day long.

The CIPP process puts a liner through the broken pipe or sewer line. As it cures, the old pipes are replaced by the new material. The new pipes doesn’t have joints and once installed, you can use it immediately. The process doesn’t just replace your broken sewer line with a new one; it replaces the plumbing with better material that lasts far more longer than the old lines.

CIPP is Cost-Effective

You might think that newer sewer repair techniques are more expensive than the traditional ones, but it isn’t the case with CIPP. CIPP technology and trenchless repair in Cambridge, MA have been found significantly less expensive than regular plumbing replacement and sewer line repair methods. These are the reasons why:

Heavy digging is not a requirement to fix your broken sewer lines. Not having to excavate your property grounds means you won’t have to pay for heavy machinery and hire contractors to do the digging for you. CIPP is such that you won’t need more than 2 people to replace your sewer lines, as compared to five or more for traditional plumbing pipe repairs.

You won’t have to wait a day or two to completely have your pipes replaced with the cured in place pipe method. The costs per hour for labor is greatly reduced. Life and work resumes much more quickly.

Finally, there’s no more need to hire and landscaper to restore your yard, lawn or garden to a semblance of what it was before. The costs of buying landscape structures, new plants and ground materials are eliminated when you choose trenchless repair.

CIPP is The Smart Answer

The new pipe that gets installed with the help of CIPP makes your sewer system much more efficient than before. The materials are hardier and are able to withstand elements that could easily break or corrode traditional pipes. Last but definitely not the least, cured in place pipe will increase your property value.

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