December 19, 2018
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Cisco to Take Building’s Internal Network to Next Level with Network Convergence

Cisco recently released news of their plan to prepare for IoT networks by integrating internal networks into building constructions. The recently appointed head of IoT Solutions wants to break the chaos of multiple networks and work towards building an integrated network convergence for all devices and systems. Currently, in any enterprise building complex, there are multiple devices and system including HVAC, fire security, internet and public address. Each are setup and managed by individuals suppliers which means they lack the collaboration needed to move into the IoT era.

Internal Network

Technology is rapidly leading towards a space where a central control and monitoring network infrastructure is essential. Devices and systems are being integrated with internet and apps, and to take full benefits of that, smarter decisions must be taken based on intelligent sensor platforms. Cisco aims to facilitate such a future by implementing unified network convergence infrastructure from a building’s construction level. This a new field of concept and not many are working on it.