December 19, 2018
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Edgecore Networks introduces Open Networking for network managed services

Edgecore Networks recently announced their plan to bring open networking benefits to enterprises and network managed service providers. The leader in open networking is currently contributing with Open Compute Project (OCP) in bringing the industry’s first open WiFi access points and open access switches to life. The latest 100G open network modular switch is the best one out there till date and with it, Edgecore aims to take open networking to the next level.

Edgecore Networks

The Open Modular Platform supports open sourced and commercial softwares, empowering data centers with higher bandwidth, more control, faster innovation and variable options. Whether is it a public or private cloud service provider or a network managed service provider, the benefits of reduced cost, wiring and power consumption. Right now, Edgecore is working on three new Wifi Access Point designs to match the growing need of cost efficiency and high performance. With this new technology, it would be possible to create fully functional access networks integrated with devices of every variety. Whether it be a wired or wireless, an organization today require complete connectivity of mobile and IoT devices.

“Open networking was born in the data center. Now, Edgecore is bringing open networking and its benefits of lower cost, increased flexibility and choice to access networks,” said George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks. “By delivering the first WiFi access points and PoE access switches and with open designs, Edgecore offers software partners and network operators the hardware platforms on which to develop more innovative, easily managed and cloud-provisioned network access services. The result will be lower cost and more flexible wired and wireless networking solutions for enterprises, and more widely available cloud-managed network services from Managed Service Providers.”

The moduler switches are planned to come out in two options the OMP 800 system providing 256-ports of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and the OMP 1600 system providing 512-ports of 100 GbE or 2,048-ports of 25 GbE. The products will be available commercially for any enterprise or network managed service provider to utilize. The hp printer support services the disaggregated software model, and will support the following open source software:

  • Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), the OCP universal NOS installer;
  • Industry standard APIs and underlying platform code to make available hardware management data from the OMP systems;
  • Open Network Linux (ONL), the OCP reference NOS, with forwarding agents available for OpenFlow™ and open API programming of leading switch silicon;
  • OpenSwitch, the full-function Layer 2 and Layer 3 open source NOS with programmatic interfaces;
  • Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC), a collection of software networking components proposed by Microsoft as a contribution to OCP.

With this fully integrated open network solution, Edgecore looks to rise the barrier of bandwidth competition and help out bring out the best in businesses. The Open Modular Platform offers a new class of open network hardware with unmatched system switching capacity greater than 50 Tbps, which can lower capital equipment and integration costs.