December 19, 2018
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Essential Medical Cart Accessories

Unless they are suitably accessorized, medical carts are only drawers on wheels. Understanding what accessories to add to the carts requires expertise, precision, and knowing the requirements of different staff members during their shifts.

A quality medical cart manufacturer fully understands the requirements of every department through experience, research, and feedback from clients. Based on experience, there is no “standard “cart. Every client has a specific medical cart specification in mind, and these vary from every department. That is why it is imperative to have a modular and flexible medical cart system that will enable multiple configurations.

Medical Equipment On Cart

In some instances, specific designs will need to be produced for the client. Whatever the specifications, your supplier must provide you with leading technology and upgrades on a constant basis – ask about upgrades and service when purchasing your next medical cart.

General Accessories for Med Carts

  • Digital Accessories

The first function to attribute to a medical cart is a computer and screen assembly that will provide quick and easy access to the patients’ medical files. But that’s not all, the ability to access an online ordering, a monitoring system for procedures, diagnostics, and in-house medicine supplies saves valuable time on the hospital floor.

Consider that computers require space and attachments – include tabletop extensions pull out trays, and surfaces to help position extra computing and display equipment.

Apart from the platforms, digital accessories include printer scanners, and wristband printers, magnetic card readers, and RFID devices as well as electronic signature pads.
Don’t forget power source charging accessories and power packs for carts that come with stand-alone capabilities.

  • Other Products on the Market

Additionally, a second important feature is a secured, mobile medication storage unit, where the staff has access to safely stored medicines and small procedural items.
Since storage is always a major issue, additional drawers, including dual locking medication drawers and personalized patient storage drawers are vital accessories.
Some institutions prefer saving space and combining devices with carts, and this includes IV Pole holders, IV poles, and a vital recordings unit.

  • Specialized Accessories

An extending arm for allowing a camera to reach out over eight feet with pan/tilt zoom functions for remote control accuracy. Moreover, a specialized light source with probe attachment for a clearer and stronger inspection function. Why not consider additional display options? These enable a more precise view for physician rounds and medical education for students.

Final Thoughts

doctor reading medical reports

With a range of med cart accessories available, it’s vital to adapt your carts to the needs of your staff. Consider if additional storage space for medication or specialized screens or lighting would benefit the team. Once you’ve decided what your departments require, a medical cart manufacturer can produce a medical cart to improve efficiency on the floor.