December 19, 2018
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How to Connect Your Android Device to a VPN With VyprVPN

We all love to use our smartphones to use the internet on the go, while sitting and waiting for food in the restaurant, in the shopping malls, at the airport etc. we are used to of killing our boredom by using the huge network of open public Wi-Fi on our Android phones or devices, but have you ever considered the hazards of using a less protected Wi-Fi without any additional cyber security software? If the answer is ‘No’ then I must say you should start using one to secure you Android device and your private and confidential data that is of course valuable for you and you can’t imagine losing that even in your wildest dreams, but don’t worry I will let you know the simplest and a budget-friendly method to enhance your Android’s online security and that is a secure Android VPN service.


Why you Need a VPN for Android?

Android is the most desirable and the most selling smartphone OS worldwide and hence pulled more cyber evils towards it due to huge users’ pool, your data can get stolen and hacked by many cyber threats that can be transferred to your Android device through emails, social media networks, by installing untrusted apps etc. so being an ignorant Android user can bring catastrophe to your Android that can be irreparable most of the time so be smart and keep all the cyber threats at bay by using a good VPN for Android and here I suggest you the top Android VPN and that is VyprVPN which comes with an Android App which makes it easier to connect to the VPN service. VyprVPN service has a free account offer as well but it has a limit of 500 MB of data transfer only so if you want more you can sign up for its premium VPN service which is $6.67 per month only which is worth paying as compared to its security benefits for the Android device.

Connect your Android to VyprVPN Service

Now it’s time for the action, below are the steps to connect your Android device to VyprVPN service which enhances and boosts online security of your Android, so let’s get started;

1.Go to the ‘Google play Store’ on your Android device and search for VyprVPN in the search bar.
2.You will see the first VyprVPN App in the list by the Golden Frog, tap to install.
3.Read and Accept the permission if acceptable by clicking the Accept button.
4.Now click the Allow button to finish the installation process
5.Now tap and open the VyprVPN app from your Android screen now log in or sign up for free.
6.Once you logged in to VyprVPN you can now connect to VPN server by clicking the connect button and tap ok to proceed.
7.Congrats your Android device is completely secure and you can use the internet anywhere anytime absolutely fearlessly with comprehensive protection of the VyprVPN service.

Final Thought

Adding an additional online security layer to your Android device is the ultimate need of time when cyber threats are evolving and getting stronger by each passing day, so by doing this you put yourself into a pool of smart and cautious people who know how to be safe while surfing the internet wherever and whenever you want and keep all the cyber evils and snoopers at bay.