November 18, 2018
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How to Pick Out Eyewear

Are you ready for new prescription eyewear? If you’re about to go to your local optician, you need to know what to look for and the tips in this blog post will help you do just that.

Have Your Eyewear Prescription Ready
There’s a great chance you’ll find the eyewear you’re looking for at your local optician. However, that won’t mean a thing if you don’t have an accurate eyewear prescription with you. It needs to be recent as well. At most, it should be no older than 6 months. If you don’t have it with you, your optician can contact your eye doctor on your behalf. Just have the name and phone number of your eye doctor with you. A fax number would also be helpful so they can fax your prescription over to your optician.

Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Type
Find your face type below to figure what kind of frames are best for you:

Oval: You are the envy of everyone, because you can pull off any kind of frames. Have fun.
Square: Your face is defined by beautiful angles. The best frames for you are round or oval.
Round: Your face is youthful and looks best with rectangular glass.
Heart: Your face is defined by high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Wide frames will look best on you.

As you can see, we’re suggesting that you get the opposite style frame of your face shape. That’s because if you get the same style frame as your face shape, your face shape will be further emphasized. For example, round frames will make round faces look rounder. Getting the opposite brings balance to your face.

Consider the Lens Type
When you visit your optician, you’ll have your choice of lenses. Here’s a few of the options you’ll have:

  1. Glass lenses
  2. Polycarbonate lenses
  3. Bifocals
  4. Trifocals
  5. Progressive
  6. Single

Most lenses can be ordered as polarized lenses. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, that’s a smart option for you. Always give yourself plenty of time to browse at your local eyewear store and try on at least 5 pairs of glasses.

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