December 19, 2018
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How to Tell if Your Roof Is Water Damaged

Think you need the service of a local roof repair contractor? Do you suspect your roof is water damaged? When your roof takes on water damage, it leaves behind many clues. Read this blog post to find out the tell tale signs of a water damaged roof.

The Signs of Water Damage to a Residential Roof
Here’s how you can tell that you need to get roof repair because your roof is water damaged:

  • Black spots on your roof
  • Green spots on your roof
  • Stained ceilings
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Peeling interior walls
  • Walls that feel soft
  • Stained wallpaper
  • Bubbling walls
  • Warped flooring
  • Buckled flooring
  • Sagging ceiling
  • Strange odors
  • Swollen attic insulation
  • Cracked roof
  • Curling shingles

All of these signs are associated with water damage. In most cases, it’s because something is wrong with your roof. In other cases, something else is causing it. In any case, you need to find out the cause, because water damage isn’t safe and will lead to mold if left unchecked.

Get Your Roof Professionally Inspected
If you notice any of the above signs in your home, get your roof inspected by a professional roof contractor. That’s important, because they’ll be able to determine the source of the water damage. In most cases, a roof contractor is a general contractor, so they’re qualified to detect water damage anywhere in your home.

What to Do After Your Roof Inspection
We can’t stress enough how serious a water damaged roof is. Not only can is cause it mold, it can also cause your ceiling to fall in and your walls to buckle. If left untreated your roof may cave in. That’s why you need to go ahead with the roof repair suggested by your roof contractor. This roof repair is very serious, so get a second inspection and quote if it makes you feel better. You won’t hurt the first roof contractor’s feeling. It’s common to get more than one roof inspection and quote.