December 19, 2018
  • Information is Everything

Network Analytics to Rescue Network Auditing

The threat of cyber crimes and security breaches are very real today for businesses of any size. Whether it is a small company or a large multinational one, an attack or hack into the network system can be disastrous to deal with. Organized cyber crime has spread all over the world and they are capable of targeting even government and defence institutions, with constant finding new techniques and loopholes. Consider all this, having an IT manager or even an IT management team is a good option to consider for businesses. Hackers and attackers are growing more and more skilled day by day and have reached a pooint where simple password protections aren’t enough. Even a minor breach or attack can set back business operations for days and impact productivity.

Network Analytics

An IT manager will have the responsibility of keeping the network protected and stay updated on all latest IT changes. But doing so is getting harder day by day. They must ensure the network capacity and reliability, and keep up with all the related variables. But, with the increase complicacies of the variables involved, IT manager have their hands full and are often feeling overwhelmed. This is where the field of network analytics comes into play. Network auditing is made much easier and efficient with the improvement and implementation of network analytics. Think about it, all the data and numbers that is incorporated within your network and all the hidden insights they can provide. That is exactly what network analytics has the potential to do, help business find even the smallest or minor irregularities.

The concept of analysis has existed for a while now and has witnessed massive implications in various fields. As long as there is data to work with, analytics can make the understanding and utilization of those data much simpler. Whether it be via a visual representation or finding hidden patterns, analytics has shown great success and potential. Now, new concepts and practices have developed regarding hp tech support network analytics and the growing importance of network auditing. With the help of network analytics, IT manager can be spared from performing insane analysis with countless variables and focus on more human tasks. With the analytics, a network audit can be made with data of multiple variables and factors, taking more into consideration and calculation than a human manager can. Similarly, the IT manager will have access to more insight than ever before and can make smarter business decisions. The challenge is to find the harmony between the hard data and the ability to make decision on the go as problems arise.

From the use of analytics tools, network logs change, device info and more, analytics can help to increase the security status of the network by multiple folds. An organized system that is quick to detect anomalies, is an attackers worst nightmare and an IT manager’s best friend. Being able to detect, adapt and respond is crucial for ensuring security and safety of the network, and analytics help to provide exactly that. Ultimately, your business if free to run smoothly towards success with utmost efficiency.