December 19, 2018
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Save Your Teeth With Laser Gum Cleaning In Half Moon Bay

  • September 26, 2018

Laser Gum Cleaning

85% of US adults have gum disease, and you just found out that you are one of them…now What? Luckily there are a variety of treatment options, all with the goal of killing the germs, removing the infection and closing up the pockets. Today we’re talking about one of options that is rapidly gaining popularity – laser gum cleaning in Half Moon Bay.
Many of our patients visit our dentist office looking for a solution to treat their gingivitis or gum disease without the need for invasive methods that they are afraid of. With traditional deep dental cleanings, the gum tissue is pulled away from the tooth structure so a metal dental tool can scrape the plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth. It is an effective treatment method, but it is invasive and causes irritation.

Following that type of treatment, many patients experience swollen and bleeding gums, and have difficulty brushing and eating for several days due to gum irritation. That is why we use modern technology to make our deep dental cleanings as comfortable as possible with laser gum cleaning in Half Moon Bay.

Laser Dentistry Has Proven To Be a Better Treatment Option

We know how much better our patients feel after a laser procedure than they would if they had received a traditional treatment. Lasers produce extremely fine beams of energy that we can use to target the plaque and tartar without pulling the gum tissue away from the teeth.

This allows us to break up the plaque and zap it away to eliminate the irritation so the gums can return to good health. Other benefits of lasers include the following.

No Swelling: Lasers will not irritate the patient’s gums, so there will not be any substantial swelling as a result of the procedure. This means that the gums will look far healthier after the appointment than with a traditional deep dental cleaning.

No Discomfort: Because there is very little – if any – discomfort associated with laser gum cleaning in Half Moon Bay, most of our patients do not need any anesthesia when having a deep dental cleaning. Traditionally, anesthesia is an absolute must.

No-To-Minimal Bleeding: We can use lasers to actually help stop any bleeding during the procedure. As a dentist, we find this to be incredibly useful for treating both the gums and teeth.

Quick Recovery Time: Since the gums will not be swollen or irritated, and you will not experience any significant bleeding, the recovery time after a laser gum cleaning in Half Moon Bay is far less than other treatments. Most of our patients find that within a day or two, they can return to their normal eating habits without any form of discomfort.

If you are not getting your teeth cleaned regularly because you are afraid of the pain from traditional cleanings, laser gum cleaning in Half Moon Bay might just be the right solution for you. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and let’s find out!