December 19, 2018
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Sewer Repair In San Francisco

If you find yourself looking for a sewer repair in San Francisco than you’re certainly not alone. According to waste removal experts many homes in the San Francisco area will require either sewer repair or even replacement in the short term. This holds especially true for the plethora of older homes that were built over thirty years ago. San Francisco is an old, well-established city, so chances are that your home may fall into this category.

Back in the good old days, sewer pipes were typically constructed out of iron that rots over time, or a clay based material that is inclined to crack.

When that occurs tree roots begin to penetrate the pipe. In a best case scenario the damage causes clogs and back up the waste disposal system. In a worst-case scenario the iron or clay pipes collapse entirely causing even more damage. Unfortunately the homeowner is typically responsible for the repair bill when disaster strikes. The good news is there are a few options regarding sewer line repair in San Francisco for you to explore.

Option One: Traditional Sewer Repair And Replacement

Traditional sewer repair and replacement requires the need for a contractor to dig up the homeowner’s yard in order to burrow a trench along the pipeline. Although a large percentage of sewer contractors in the San Francisco area still incorporate this method, it has fallen out-of-date in recent times. This is due to the fact that the heavy-duty construction equipment used to dig the trenches not only ruins your landscaping, it is also extremely expensive to operate.

Sewer pipes often run under bushes, flowerbeds, lawns, and even driveways. Everything located above ground must be removed in order to expose the sewer pipe. Once the sewer repair or replacement job is complete you are left to literally clean up the mess. Imagine adding landscaping and perhaps even repaving costs on top of the already expensive sewer repair or replacement bill?

Option Two: Trenchless Sewer Repair And Replacement

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement technology has rapidly developed over the past decade. In fact it is such an effective method that many homeowners and commercial building owners are starting to realize it is the best solution to fix their problem. The main reason is that trenchless pipe line methods do not require the use of large construction equipment, or even a small backhoe to dig a trench in order to reach the sewer line.

The bottom line is that trenchless methods do not destroy your landscape. In fact it is such and efficient method that homeowners are able to get the problem fixed faster for less money. Saving time and money certainly are a great combination to your bottom line. In addition to being a more cost effective, and far less destructive sewer repair and replacement option, trenchless technology provides the ability to re-build the pipe in one continues piece.

The traditional sewer repair and replacement method incorporates the use of multiple pipe sections. If the sections are not connected one hundred-percent properly it will lead to leaks and other damage in the near future. Even if the pipes are connected properly the natural movement of the earth, especially in an earthquake prone area such as San Francisco tend to cause problems to sewer systems that use multiple sections of pipe. There are actually two trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement methods.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining

Trenchless pipe relining is typically used on older sewer pipes that are in somewhat decent shape. A cured in place pipe, also known as a pipe liner is installed with the use of a flexible resin coated tube that is either pulled or blown through the inside of the existing sewer pipe. The resin hardens within a few hours, and in essence creates a brand new pipe that literally lines the old pipe.

The newly formed pipe is typically one quarter of an inch smaller, however it does not affect the flow of wastewater and other materials in a negative manner whatsoever. The trenchless sewer pipe-relining contractor only needs to make a small access hole that does not make a large mess of your landscape. The new sewer pipe lining should last for approximately fifty years.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting is typically used to replace old sewer pipes that are far too damaged to handle the relining method as listed above. A brand new, and continuous pipe that is typically manufactured from a high-density polyethylene material is pulled through the old sewer line. The new pipe fractures the old one in an outward manner. The pieces of the old sewer line end up buried in the ground where they are left to rot away. In order to use this method, the contractor must make small access holes that are located at both ends of the sewer line. The new sewer pipe should last for approximately fifty years.

Our expert team of technicians is both highly experienced, and trained in the latest trenchless sewer pipe technologies. If you happen own an older home, or are having any issues with your sewer system, kindly contact us today for a no obligation consultation. We are here to assist you with the entire trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement process from beginning to end.