November 18, 2018
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Top Five Semi-Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatic handguns offer their users unsurpassed convenience, reliability, and versatility. They’re easy to shoot and conceal; not prone to malfunctions; and can be used in a multitude of situations.

Semi-Automatic Handguns


The Glock name is synonymous with ease and durability. Their polymer frame keeps firearms lightweight without jeopardizing strength. Glocks are the preferred carry piece of many law enforcement officers and civilians.

Compact and sub-compact models like the Model 43 really stand out. Glock has nearly standardized the dimensions of this class of firearms despite different calibers and magazine capacities. All models have just over five pounds of trigger pull, and there’s very little size difference between the 9mm Glock 26 and the much larger caliber .357 Glock 33.


Springfield is one of the oldest most well-known firearm companies in the United States; its roots trace back to the late 1700s though it’s been manufacturing firearms since 1974. Springfield was the first company to produce the 1911. Today their XD series is one of the most popular, widely available models found on the market.

Springfield continues to enhance the ergonomics and concealability of its models, and likely will well into the future. This commitment to innovation and their easy maintenance makes Springfield a go-to brand for new or experienced shooters.


American company Kimber entered the firearms market in 1979 and quickly developed a reputation for manufacturing accurate pieces of equipment. Today, their products are the trusted pieces of shooters whose job relies on that accuracy. Members of the USA Shooting Team and the Marines Special Operations Command depend on Kimber semi-automatic handguns.

Kimber’s manufacturing process combines the precision of machined work with the hands-on craftsmanship of yesteryear. High-tech robotics machine frames, receivers, and barrels, but human hands complete the final fitting and finishing.


Walther is a name woven into the fabric of firearm lore whose history spans several centuries. What started as a small German armory in late 1780s steadily grew and expanded into a worldwide leader in firearms manufacturing. Their PP models were the first mass-produced handguns to have stamped parts.

Walther Arms, Inc was created in 2012 so the company could distribute their own guns in the United States.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson is another manufacturer steeped in American history, having produced firearms for well over a century. Their products enjoy a long prestigious reputation and are the carry-piece of choice by many law enforcement officers. The Los Angeles Police Department switched to the M&P 9 as its duty weapon in 2013.

Whether you’re looking for semi-automatic handguns for sale online or in the store you can’t go wrong with something from Glock, Springfield, Walther, or Smith & Wesson.

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