December 19, 2018
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Top Ten Warning Signs You Get From Sewer Pipes

The Boulder Sewer and Drain Replacement technology has advanced the drainage systems. It keeps the compound clean and maintains the natural beauty without interference by the many trenches created to repair pipes. However, it has since made it quite difficult to detect leaks or any problem with the sewerage unless you are keen at observing.

Here are a few warning signs that the sewer pipes could signal they are damaged.

Greener patches of grass

Most pipes pass underground, before reaching the house. In times of leakages in the pipes, since water cannot spill all over the place, it slowly sips from the ground irrigating the ground. Greener patches of grass could signal this at different areas along the pipe.

Sewer odor

Odor can never be any pleasing, it, in fact, causes significant discomfort; If you smell the bad odor from around your house. It tells you that your drainage system has severe problems. Probably it has been leaking for some time without you noticing. But the best thing to settle the problem is fixing the leakage to avoid further discomfort; it may get complicated if it causes contamination to your clean water.


Fungi usually develop in a humid environment. In the house, the molds are not much encouraged due to the dangers they pose to humans and should be destroyed as soon as they are notable. People strive to keep them off their houses, by properly ventilating their homes, however, increased moisture such as from pipe leaks may enhance their growth in your house.

Slow drain

Your pipe shifts from fast draining to taking a lot of time pouring even little water. It is a symptom of drainage blockage. However, after an attempt to clean the line, if the waste continues to be slow, it could signal further damage in the piping for example cracks and root intrusion.

Frequent blockages

If every time you use your drainage e.g. running water through the sink or bathtub drain you experience backup, this is not a good sign. It signals blockage of the system and in extreme cases severe deterioration of your sewer system.

Indenting lawn and under pavements

When pipes break, water slowly starts sipping into the ground. If the sipping happens for happens for some time, or the water sipping out is a little more; it causes the soil to dissipate, which causes some parts of the lawn or pavement to indent.

Septic waste pooling out of the yard

Septic waste pooling out is a severe situation that if avoidable the drainage system should not be allowed to reach the magnitude. Be keen to observe the signs and take action in time. However, if it reaches the extent of waste coming out of the ground, please take immediate action before it spreads and destroys your lawn, not to mention the odor that fills the air of your premises. However, the septic waste pooling in your yard could signal a broken sewer pipe or clogged drainage pipes or a crack in one of the major lines.

Foundation cracks

At times the drainage pipes usually run near your foundation. In case a leak occurs and goes undetected for quite some time, cracks may occur in the infrastructure, in severe cases, the leaks result in sinkholes. Be careful to observe any other signs, to avoid this interpretive sign of pipe damage.

Infestation by insects

Some insects get into your house through the sewer cracks. In case you encounter an increased number of insects’ e.g. cockroaches, request a video check on your sewer lines to detect the entry points and the problem with the drainage as well.

Rodents’ intrusion

Rats, for example, find their way from one place to another through underground tunnels. Given an entry point to your drainage system, they could make their way to your house, and not only go for your wardrobe but may cause diseases to your family as well. In case there is an intrusion, check for sewer leaks.

Be a careful observer to what goes on around and in your house to avoid severe cases of leaks which may not just render you free of water for some time. But in other cases, infections and diseases may come knocking at your door.