November 18, 2018
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Which Tracking Tool Do You Use to Measure Rival’s Amazon Products?

One important question Amazon sellers ask themselves is, “What tracking tools should I use to spy on my rivals?” Sellers want their “spying software” to help answer these questions:

  • How many units do my competitors sell per day?
  • What is the price of these products during different times of the year?
  • What promotional tools do my competitors use and what outcomes come of them?

Getting these questions answered by spying on your competitors, is crucial to your own success as a seller.

AMZScout is not only an outstanding product research tool, it’s also an excellent Amazon product tracking tool. It can help answer all of the questions mentioned above in an accessible manner that saving you time and energy from doing the research by hand.

Product Tracking

AMZScout web application has a Product Tracker tool aimed specifically at measuring a rival’s success. It provides the most comprehensive information about a product. Products can be directly imported from the product database of the same web application via the Product Database tab by a simple click of a button. With another click, any product can be added to the Tracker. The most beneficial feature is the customizable sales history chart. You can track daily sales for the last 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 2 months or 1 year. An additional Info window displays even more details including product category, price, FBA fees, LQS, size and weight, and many others.


What does Product Tracker include?

  • Tracking Sales. The first point of interest for a seller is how many units a competitor sells. The Product Tracker gives you the exact number of items sold by that competitor.
  • Tracking of Inventory. Spying on a rival’s inventory allows you to decide when to choose the moment to act. For example, when deciding is the best time to launch your product.
  • Tracking of Rank. You need to track an indicator like rank to understand a rival’s product performance. Later, rank tracking can be used to see the impact your marketing or optimization effort made by your competitor.
  • Tracking of Reviews and Ratings. Track competitor’s reviews and see what your rival’s customers and happy or unhappy with.

Keyword Tracking and Research

AMZScout’s extension for Google Chrome has few features that help you spy on your competitors. This includes keyword spying.

Why is tracking a competitor’s keywords important?

Having the right keywords is vitally important to a product’s success. Apart from this process is constantly looking for new keywords to test in PPC-campaigns, titles, and the backend inputs. Improving these aspects is apart of the listing optimization process that helps get your product to the top.

This is where AMZScout’s extension for Chrome shines. In particular, it’s feature “Get Keywords” provides you a long list of keywords that helped a certain product’s rank.


Tracking competitors on Amazon is a daily chore for Amazon sellers. Luckily, AMZScout saves you the hassle of doing this manually. Using Amazon product tracking tools it takes just a few minutes a day to measure your rival’s products. Leaving you more time to dedicate to your business, to yourself, and to your family and friends.

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