December 19, 2018
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What is a Vertical Lift Module Storage System?

Warehouse manager checking

A warehouse filled with goods can be an overwhelming place to organize. As a business owner, once you have your setup in place, to make any changes later can become a giant headache even if you realize it might not be the most logical setup.

For these reasons, it is better to start or change over to vertical lift module storage systems. The automated organizational process of these systems can save you time, increase efficiency, and expand floor space. Even better, your employees will easily be able to find any product.

What is a vertical lift module storage system and what does it look like?

Vertical lift module storage systems act as high rise and smart storage spaces. This two-column tower intelligently organizes products within the module appropriately by size.

A feeder tray exists in between the two columns that can store new products or pull out existing ones and deliver them to personnel standing at the bottom of the module. 


The current vertical lift modules for sale online shifts the shipping and handling industry into a new era that boasts economy of space.

Often warehouses can be tall and rather empty spaces where a single product can be listed for one shelf. However, inventory of this single product isn’t always maintained at 100% levels, and this can result in entire shelves empty after a big sell.

Vertical lift module storage systems can be used to not only rise to the highest points in your warehouse but can also make sure these systems are always stocked in a neat and organized manner.

These systems are known to increase floor space drastically, helping business owners to stock even more products and expand their businesses.

Improved organization for taking inventory

Inventory can be a hassle, especially when having to recruit enough personnel to take down products from high up spaces or find that one product your company has had stored for ages. Vertical lift module storage systems know where all your products are at any given time.

These systems log the current products in a single storage unit onto a computer that then communicates these holdings into a larger file that syncs with your companies online database.

As a result, employees can know where everything is within a warehouse from behind a computer and be confident that the correct amounts are stored there.


The transition to new products may seem overwhelming for a business owner, and in many cases, owners can justify that the expense of the change isn’t worth the benefits. With an expanding or beginning business and the fact that vertical lift modules are for sale online, the benefits of these machines do far outweigh the costs.

To save space, reduce personnel costs, and help your business to expand without having to take on additional warehouse space or even move locations, makes these modules an investment worth having.