November 18, 2018
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When to Worry about Lower Back Pain

  • September 10, 2018

Lower Back Pain

The lower back – also known as the lumbar spine – is a complex structure constructed of nerves, bones, and joints. For this reason, the area is prone to complications including lower back pain. Luckily for those affected by the condition, it is easily treatable through simple yet effective remedies such as lower back pain chiropractic treatment.

While in many cases the lower back pain causes discomfort, for some, the effects are much stronger resulting in different levels of pain.

Here are some potential signs of lower back health concerns, which if remain untreated, may lead to pain stronger than discomfort.

  • Mechanical/Sub-acute Back Pain

Mechanical back pain is common, but it is not wise to ignore it. Mostly, it affects the muscles, joints, and ligaments, and it becomes a cause for concern when it is persistent. It can be on and off, but each attack can last for several months. While you may not consider a visit to the doctor, we recommend a diagnosis and treatment a soon as possible before the condition gets worse.

  • Acute Back Pain

Sudden spasms that arise and then subside characterize acute back pain; it may last for hours or even days at a time before improving. When the pain arrives, however, it is severe and uncomfortable, and it is usually an indication of tissue injury. So, get it checked before the injuries worsen.

  • Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is perhaps the most severe; it lasts for several months at a time and may be excruciatingly painful. Additionally, it affects most of the organs making up the lumbar spine – except the nerves.

Chronic back pain may indicate extensive damage to the bones and muscles, and if ignored these injuries may exacerbate the pain making sufferers unable to continue an active lifestyle.

  • Radicular Back Pain

Radicular back pain is common as it mostly involves the spine’s interactions with the nerves. Nerves’ roots may get trapped between the spinal bones, resulting in pressure and excruciating pain. Moreover, the sensation can feel like a sharp pinch, intense burning, or an electric impulse.

As a result, weakness and even temporary disability can occur.

This condition should be looked at with urgency to avoid more complex complications. The good news? It is easily treatable through therapy and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

What should I do If I experience lower-back pain?

If you are suffering from lower back pain, consider professional lower back pain chiropractic treatment in Waterford, MI.

It takes time to heal completely depending on the cause of the pain, but with treatment, it is possible to return to control or eliminate the pain.

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