December 19, 2018
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3 Strategies to Maximize Case Packing Systems Flexibility

Case packaging is a fundamental activity that is performed in all major companies that cater to the needs of consumer products. Case packing is also known as the end of line packaging, often known as secondary packaging. Case packing machines can make a major difference to the production and packaging line of a business. Three kinds of case packing systems are performed: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible.

In today’s era of new age business, what matters most to a manufacturer is the amount of revenue they generate by selling their product. No matter what their product, if decently packed and sent to various retail stores, it is for sure generating revenue. In this age of competition, as much as selling the product and generating revenue is concerned, what is also necessary is that the product not is damaged in the distribution channel. There are hence, various responsibilities imposed on the machinery in the name of sales and revenue generation. This calls for a need for flexibility in the case packing systems, in order to meet all kinds of needs.

  • Before actually buying a case packing system for your manufacturing unit, you must ensure that you have your specifications that you desire from the machine ready with yourself. The specifications may be in regards to:
    1. The range of products.
    2. Their packaging dimensions.
    3. Rate of production
    4. Packing patterns and formats
    5. Spaces and case dimensions.

All this information and much more is vital before you think of investing in a case packing system. Your OEM can help you better if you give him transparent details about your packaging and product needs. This information can be fairly critical and hence can fully increase the flexibility you desire in your packing system

  • Before making a decision of investing in a case packing system, you need to understand the type of product that you are trying to manufacture and what kind of a packing system would preferably go with the same- top load or the side load case packing system. To ensure optimized production and manufacturing line, you need to choose the appropriate case packing system for your product.
  • Before actually investing into a case packing system as the head of your business entity, you must talk to all the people involved in the actual production line. All the plant managers, machine operators, technical personnel who work directly with the machine must be contacted and their opinion about the packaging line must be taken so as to ensure the ease and speed maintenance of your packaging line. Since these people live with the machinery and products that generate you revenue on a daily basis, their opinions regarding the specifications of the equipment must be taken in order to find for your business a revolutionary and flexible case packing system.