Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Ask anyone who has ever had his lawn torn up so that his sewer lines can be repaired or replaced and he will tell you that it is an absolute nightmare. In addition to the damage done on your lawn, the replacement takes time, and it is annoying to have the noise from heavy machinery near your home for extended periods. The nightmare continues once you receive the bill, which will result in the formation of a rather large dent in your bank account. Below are a few points through which I have tried to provide an answer to the question; is trenchless pipeline repairing the ultimate sewer line solution?

Let us start with the advantages that the method has over the traditional method of digging a trench:Trenchless Sewer Repair

1. It is cleaner

Sewer lines run right beneath our beautiful and sometimes, costly lawns. Digging up the damaged pipes destroys these lawns. In addition to this, the soil from the trench is exposed to the wind, which can carry it and deposit it on other parts of your ground where it is not needed. The situation can be made worse by the rise of a storm.

2. It is quicker

Since the need to dig a trench is eliminated, the need to fill it up is also ruled out. A lot less time has spent the replacement of the line. Therefore, you can have your toilets and any other system associated with the drainage running in a shorter time.

3. The method is less expensive

Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement does not include the cost of labor for digging a trench. It also does not carry any costs of replacing your lawn or repairing the pavement. Overall, it is much cheaper than the traditional method of digging a trench.

4. It involves the use of high-quality materials

It is most likely that the pipe you want to be repaired or replaced was made from cement, clay or some other material available at the time. These materials are not as strong as the materials being used in the modern world. The pipes installed through trenchless method are most likely made from polyethylene and have no seams. These pipes also have a longer lifespan.

5. Better function

In addition to an extended life cycle, the replacement used needs fewer repairs. The technology used in the making of the pipe ensures increased efficiency. The pipe offers less resistance to the water flowing through it thus enhances its performance.

6. It is less of a health hazard

Since trenchless methods of repairing pipes do not involve the bringing of an old pipe full of bacteria to the surface, they are safer health wise. The bacteria that reside in the pipe are left beneath the ground together with fragmented pieces of the old pipe.

7. It is more environmentally friendly

Minimum damage is done to the plant life that exists above the sewer pipe if a trenchless method is employed. Mother Nature, therefore, suffers much less interference. Besides, the damage done by cutting down one tree is too much. By using trenchless methods, you are aiding in saving the planet.

Disadvantages of the trenchless methods

I do not want to be the kind of a person that only tells one side of the story. Here are a few disadvantages of the trenchless method of repairing a sewer pipe:

• There are instances where it cannot be used

If the pipe in need of replacing or repair is too damaged, then the trenchless methods cannot be used. The method is largely based on the new pipe being guided by the old pipe before it is destroyed. Therefore, if the old pipe is destroyed, the new pipe will not have anything to guide it.

• It requires a lot of attention

If someone who is not very careful does the method, it could result in some major issues. You would be forced to call the company again or seek the services of a different company. Such issues could be because of the lining used not being given enough time to cure or the pipe being installed blocking another pipe and a variety of other reasons.

I have provided you with the information about trenchless sewer line repairs. It is now up to you to answer the question; is trenchless pipeline repairing the ultimate sewer line solution?

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